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 Joanna Harrison

Joanna Harrison

The challenges of home-based work and schooling may be with us for some time and it feels like this is the hardest bit of lockdown yet. The strongest bonds in relationships can be tested by this. Couples therapy has proved a route to help, we have been offering a 'shorter burst' package of four, once a week sessions. Here, one of our therapists, offers advice on dealing with home schooling pressure. 

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 Kate Thompson 200x200

Kate Thompson

To help raise awareness of the Sort It Out campaign, which aims to reduce the exposure of children to parental conflict, Kate Thompson, Head of Parenting Services at Tavistock Relationships, offers advice on dealing with family conflict.

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matthew bell

Matthew Bell

Psychoanalyst / City of London Corporation Councilman and Mental Health Champion.

How and why the new City Wellbeing Centre was founded to support the vital issue of mental health in City businesses and communities around them.

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Richard Meier, policy and projects manager at Tavistock Relationships, talks about the work the charity is doing, funded by BBC Children in Need, to support young people experiencing mental health problems as a result of inter-parental conflict

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Interview with our parenting and relationship expert who is part of the offer FREE support for Londoners in 7 boroughs.

Together or separated couples in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Camden, Hammersmith & Fulham, Croydon, Brent and Lambeth (as well as others in the northern Home Counties) can access free relationship and parenting support. John Fenna, of Tavistock Relationships, spoke with Alice Hargreaves, Relationship & Parenting Practitioner working on Tavistock Relationships’ ‘Building Relationships for Stronger Families’ programme, to gather some tips for parenting during lock down.

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Alice Hargreaves, Relationship & Parenting Practitioner with Tavistock Relationships

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