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How to prepare for the session?

• Choosing an appropriate setting. It is important to identify a quiet, private space protected from possible disturbance (e.g. from other family members, children, pets etc.). Please position your webcam in a way that the therapist can see you both well (ideally from the waist up) and ensure that there is adequate lighting (desk light or perhaps window) in front of you so that your face is not in a shadow. Please try to reduce the source of light from behind you as it will make it harder for the therapist to see you.

• Check your video and audio quality, and make sure you have the e-mail link ready before the session.

• Complete the questionnaires sent to you via the link provided.

• Read the service agreement carefully; please note that by going ahead with the session you accept and agree to the content of the service agreement.


Fee structure

Tavistock Relationships is a charity aiming to provide therapeutic help for people regardless of their income. There is a minimum fee of £70 for our online services, however, in exceptional circumstances, this can be reviewed if necessary. The maximum fee is £180 for ongoing sessions. The fee will be discussed with you at the initial appointment. Our intention is to work out a fee which takes into account your capacity to pay and your wider circumstances. As a starting point consider a calculation of £2 per £1000 of shared gross income – so, for example, a couple who together earn £40,000 would pay approximately £80 per week.

While we charge £70 for your initial session, this is not to be taken as an indication of your ongoing fee, which will be agreed by using the guidance provided above.

Once you and the therapist agree to continue with ongoing weekly counselling sessions, you will be charged for the remaining sessions planned for that month, and then on the 1st of every month for the sessions planned in the month to come. If, for financial reasons, you prefer to pay weekly in advance, please let us know. The payment is usually made through a PayPal account. Please let us know if you prefer alternative methods of payment.


What kinds of things will be discussed in the initial appointment?

The initial consultation is aimed at giving you space to think with your therapist about your situation and the way forward. Before the appointment it might be useful to think about your situation and how you want counselling or psychotherapy to help. What has led you to seek help? What are the things you wish to change? Are there repeating patterns in your relationships that are causing you problems? Is online therapy the right way forward? These sorts of questions will be explored with you at your first appointment.


What happens after your initial appointment? 

Towards the end of the initial consultation the therapist will usually discuss with you the way forward. This may be an offer to continue with ongoing weekly meetings, or sometimes the therapist may offer one more consultation meeting before making a decision about the way forward.

Sometimes, the therapist may take some time following the initial appointment to consider whether online therapy is a suitable option. If online therapy is suitable, you will receive confirmation of this after your initial meeting. Subsequent meetings will normally take place at the same time on a weekly basis. It is rarely possible to move the time or day of the session once you’ve started. Any sessions you have to cancel or miss need to be paid for at your agreed fee.

If online therapy is not considered suitable in your case, we will try to recommend more suitable options that you might then wish to explore.


Do Tavistock Relationships counsellors and psychotherapists have special training?

Yes. Tavistock Relationships is a centre of excellence for accredited training and research in couple relationships. Our counsellors and psychotherapists bring a wealth of clinical experience from a variety of related settings including social work and clinical psychology, and many have experience in working with individuals as well as couples. All our online therapists are experienced couple therapists who trained with us, and have substantial further supervised practice. Our courses offer the highest standards of professional training in counselling and psychotherapy with couples in the UK and worldwide.


Which online software do you work with? 

Tavistock Relationships offers online couple and individual therapy via the ZOOM platform which is a secure, confidential and reliable video software. It will allow you to interact with the practitioner in a safe and consistent manner. Please refer to the technical guide attached titled Using Zoom and Accessing Your Online Therapy Meeting. Further details about Zoom’s security features are available at: here



We value representation from couples and individuals who have finished their therapy on our Service Users’ Group. This group provides invaluable help in developing our services and policies. If you are interested in contributing in this way, please either complete the relevant box in the questionnaire, which we will send you when you finish your therapy, or let us know by contacting the Appointments Team.

If you have more questions that we have not covered above please contact our team and we will be happy to help.


"i would recommend marriage counselling to any couple. Our treatment was incredibly helpful for our marriage now, and preparing us for the future together. Thank you." 

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